Shelby County Education Foundation is committed to improving student achievement. We want to bridge the gap to excellence. Please consider making a contribution so that we may continue to provide teacher grants,  strengthen our annual community health and safety expo and provide needed resources such as personal hygiene and PPE products to schools/students.

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Cash and in-kind donations of materials to the Foundation are understood to be deductible from federal taxes but the Foundation caveats all potential donors to check first with their own legal and tax advisers. The Foundation, of course, is pleased to provide documentation for any donations received.

Shelby County Schools’ policy prohibits schools, including physical attachments to them, to be named for living individuals. Names can be given, however, to unique institutions associated with the schools – for example, the Teacher Resource Center which will cost approximately $2 million to endow.

To get more information on opportunities to enable Shelby County School Students to reach their highest potential or to make a donation please contact the Foundation at:

Telephone: 901-416-7396
E-mail: Dianne Polly

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 383273
Germantown, TN 38183-3273

Street Address:
2800 Grays Creek
Arlington, TN 38002