Mayor Luttrell’s Last Year to award Scholarship winners

 Jamie Baroff, Karen Gan, Uyriah Graham, Savannah Hall, Kyla Hampton,Jerry Walker Jenkins,  Caroline McClure, Maryam Nemati

Teacher Enhancement Grants:

The winners were:

  • Kimberly Berg:  Carnival of Math from Cummings School
  • April Graves:  Dancing to new heights from Cummings School
  • Tracy Fox:  Dance it Out from Cummings School
  • Angela Battles:  Dance Team from Cummings School
  • Hannah Hudson:  Classroom Libraries from Cornerstone Prepatory
  • Timmon Aportadera:  Percussion Performance from Power Center Academy
  • Adam Guerrero: Libertas Greenhouse from Libertas School
  • David Porter: Jungle Book Kids from Levi Elementary
  • Kimberly Hardy: Kings and Queens in Africa from Humes Prepatory
  • Venice Settles: Reveal your Mask from Power Center Academy
  • Dr. Crutchfield: Refection Room from Humes Prepatory