Mayor Luttrell’s 2018 Scholarship winners

 Jamie Baroff, Karen Gan, Uyriah Graham, Savannah Hall, Kyla Hampton,Jerry Walker Jenkins,  Caroline McClure, Maryam Nemati

Alumni Hall of Fame and Champions of Education Gala was held on April 5 at the Lindenwood Christian Church.

Fall 2017 Teacher Enhancement Grants:

The winners were:

  • Kimberly Berg:  Carnival of Math from Cummings School
  • April Graves:  Dancing to new heights from Cummings School
  • Tracy Fox:  Dance it Out from Cummings School
  • Angela Battles:  Dance Team from Cummings School
  • Hannah Hudson:  Classroom Libraries from Cornerstone Prepatory
  • Timmon Aportadera:  Percussion Performance from Power Center Academy
  • Adam Guerrero: Libertas Greenhouse from Libertas School
  • David Porter: Jungle Book Kids from Levi Elementary
  • Kimberly Hardy: Kings and Queens in Africa from Humes Prepatory
  • Venice Settles: Reveal your Mask from Power Center Academy
  • Dr. Crutchfield: Refection Room from Humes Prepatory