The Shelby County Education Foundation is a nonprofit (501(c)(3))-organization dedicated to supporting the Public schools in Shelby County (Tennessee) Schools in any way that it can short of political advocacy.  Such support has manifested itself in recent years in fundraising to fully or partially underwrite a number of special programs – including a lecture series, student art contests, a scholarship program, an alumni recognition event, small grants for unique projects and for innovative teaching techniques across a wide spectrum of disciplines.

The Shelby County Schools Education Foundation is one of 3,000+ similar organizations around the country that are focused on improving public k-12 education in the United States, largely through mustering financial support from the private sector for application in critical programs – most frequently technology, foreign languages, physical education, music and arts.

The Foundation was created in 2001 and is governed by a Board of Directors elected by existing board members to staggered two-year terms. Bylaws permit up to 21 board members.  The Foundation has a small staff housed at 2800 Grays Creek in Arlington, TN . For more information on the Foundation and volunteer opportunities click here. To contact the Foundation for more information or to volunteer click here.

Board Members and Staff


Jeff Bryant
Bryant Media


Richard McBryde
New York Life


Charla Sparks
Former Tennessee PTA President


Nykesha Cole
Independent Consultant


Alvis Otero

ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hosp.

Bill Brown

Lowell Blackham
International Paper

Anne Edmiston
Pickler Wealth Advisors

Sharon Thompson
Zebra Marketing


Andrew D. Gattas
Knowledge Tree

Matt Grimes
United Health

Alan Kirkpatrick
Home Run Entertainment

Andrew Wagner ex officio


Dianne Polly
Executive Director

Nick Musarra
Director of Development

Roy Thurmond